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Masahiro Maruyama

Fukui, a prefecture in Japan, is alive with nature, traditional 

culture and master craftsman. Nestled in mountains blessed with greenery, fresh streams and rugged scenic coastlines created by the rough waters of the Japan Sea, it’s here that Masahiro Maruyama eyewear is created. But it’s in the creative mind of Masahiro Maruyama that these truly unique, unrivaled art pieces are born.


When I first saw the Masahiro Maruyama collection, I’m positive my jaw dropped. I know my eyes filled with tears. I was (and still am) moved by the artistry of this collection. It is unlike anything I’ve seen in my entire career. I’m proud to be one of less than 50 shops in the US to carry this unique collection. Based on the beauty of imperfection, these asymmetrical frames are hand chiseled and polished. And, though Masahiro Maruyama himself is a quiet, unassuming man, his eyewear tells a story that’s positively captivating.






One Hip Chic Optical

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