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Do you do eye exams there?

No, but if you give us a call or email us, we’ll gladly help you find a good doctor.


Can I use my flexible spending or health savings account money there?



Can I use the credit card associated with my flexible spending or health savings account?



Do you take insurance?

No.  However, some insurance companies will reimburse you if you go out of network.  We will gladly give you an itemized receipt and/or fill out the insurance forms to submit for reimbursement.  Another alternative is to purchase a frame here and bring it somewhere that accepts insurance for lenses.


Do you sell men’s glasses?



How’s your customer service?

Ok, ok we’ll admit it, no one has ever actually asked us this question but we wanted the chance to tell you that good customer service is very important to us.


I’ve heard that most frames are made from one big company in Italy.   Do you carry frames made by that company?

No way!  Our frames come from small, independent boutique companies. 


Are your frames expensive?

Our frames range in price from $ 350 - $ 700. 


Can you get really thin lenses? 

Yes, we have access to any lens that is available in the U.S. and we can advise you on what will best suit your prescription and your frame choice.

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