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Tamra Azimuth Optician

The Beginning

Right around the end of 1996, an optical friend said to me “Hey, you’re one hip chick, why don’t you open your own shop?” With that prophetic question, my New Year's resolution was born. Eight months later (August of 1997)

I opened One Hip Chic Optical.  That was one of the best New Year's resolutions I’ve ever made.


I am not interested in blending in, maintaining the status quo or following the crowd. I like anything that is unique, thought provoking, genuine and well thought out, including experiences, conversations and objects. 

This philosophy extends to my business in every way.

From the décor, to the products I sell, to the relationships

I have with my customers…truly, nothing is ordinary at One Hip Chic.  And, as far as I’m concerned, that’s a really good thing.

Tamra Asmuth  |  Owner, Chick


What I love about my business

I want you to know that I really, really DO love my business.

It’s an extension of me and my passions. What are my passions? I enjoy getting to know people. Hearing your history, your stories, and your hopes for the future cultivates a connection I don’t take lightly. I enjoy helping people see. Rediscovering the love of reading or rediscovering oneself… either way, it’s about vision and I cherish being a part of it. I enjoy the thrill of travel and discovery. Attending eyewear shows in Paris, Munich, Milan, and The Netherlands, I unearth gems created by some of todays most innovative frame makers. I’m devoted to the beautiful and unique. Offering a calming space filled with exquisite and unusual objects is food for my soul.

What’s my greatest passion?

Sharing all of this with my customers.

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