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Theo was started by two opticians who owned shops in Belgium (Antwerp and Bruges to be exact), and incorporates enthusiasm, individuality, edge and a touch of humor in everything it creates. Inspired and inspiring, Theo frames will most definitely change the life of those who wear them.


I’m proud to say that One Hip Chic Optical was one of the first optical shops in the US to carry the Theo brand…a fact I was reminded of when I recently spoke to one of the founders, Wim Somers.  I have many fond Theo memories over the years…including being at their headquarters in Antwerp where I spent hours in their basement looking over all their remaining stock frames since their start.  It was like being in an eyewear museum. The Theo company is like family to me.  I am ever cognizant of their motto “Theo Loves You.”


One Hip Chic Optical

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